Planted is a talent community. A place where non-technical professionals can grow their careers at high-impact, meaningful jobs and where top companies can find the best fits to grow their teams. Whether you’re a candidate looking for what’s next or a hiring manager looking to build an unstoppable team, Planted finds you the perfect fit when you’re ready to grow.

We know that the members of our talent community are on their ways to amazing places, which is why at Planted, we’re not just focused on creating the future of job seeking, but of career-building. We’re hyper focused on helping candidates make choices that positively impact their lives 5, 10, even 20 years down the road, providing curated opportunities that help them grow their careers for the long-term.

Our Story

Why is the hiring process so painful? Luckily, we’ve been able to experience it from both sides. As young professionals, we had trouble figuring out those early steps in our careers. We know that sometimes it feels impossible to get your foot in the door, applying to dozens of jobs and never even receiving an email back. On the other hand, as hiring managers for startups, we were frustrated by all the time and effort it took to find non-technical talent. We know that sometimes it feels like you’re staring at an endless pool of resumes with no way to make sense of who might be the right fit. We founded Planted as a better way for people to grow their careers and for companies to grow their teams.