Applica is a leading provider of AI-based Robotic Text Automation for enterprises.

Applica Robotic Text Automation automates business processes that require scrutiny and comprehension of documents. Knowledge workers spend up to 28% of their time on such tasks, yet adoption of existing automation solutions remain slow. The Applica solution extracts necessary information from any unstructured or semi-structured document, regardless of wording and layout. Each piece of information is extracted in a context: each name, date, amount or fact is given an interpretation and is ready to be used by other systems such as RPA, workflow or document management system.

Insider Tip: Robotic Text Automation proprietary engine is engineered by an R&D team of over 50 PhDs and AI scientists. Amongst others it utilizes proprietary Layout-Aware Language Models and Contextual Awareness, a brain-inspired technology that mimics the way that humans work with documents.

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