Brand & Communications Director

Back Market

Brooklyn, NY

Back Market revolutionizes the way people buy tech devices. We think it's time to offer a strong and mainstream alternative to new products by making used devices more appealing to potential customers and making them accessible as a strong alternate option.

Freeing the planet from electronic waste, leading the shift towards a circular economy, and building a global billion-dollar tech company are three solid reasons to wake up in the morning.   

Founded six years ago in Paris, Back Market is the world's first online marketplace dedicated to refurbished consumer electronics. Just as Airbnb brings together homeowners and travelers on one trusted platform to draw economic value from a previously underutilized asset — vacant living spaces — Back Market connects the best sellers of refurbished consumer electronics with consumers looking for a more affordable, reliable, and environmentally-friendly alternative to buying new. 

What’s your mission?

As the Brand & Communications Director, you will be responsible for Back Market’s Communications Strategy in the United States, with two main objectives:

  • Driving Brand Awareness & Performance: deliver messages that will drive American audiences to our platform, through TV, SoMe, PR, influence, brand content, CRM etc.
  • Finding Back Market’s US voice: adapt our global brand platform and tone of voice to the taste of US audiences, across all touchpoints (paid and owned).

You will manage a small team to deliver this work, including a local content and community manager. You will manage your own budget for content production and, if relevant, the support of a local advertising agency.

Who will be your key partners?

You will be part of the Communications team, directly overseen by Vianney, our Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer.

You’ll work in hand-in-hand with our U.S. Marketing Lead. You will ensure strong performance of acquisition channels, while you’ll focus on brand, messages and content.

You’ll also interact regularly with Guillaume, our Chief Marketing Officer and Donatienne, our Head of Communications Europe.

In more detail, your key duties would include:

1. Work on audiences & key messages

You will help us identify the most effective audiences to target for growth in the US.

You will assist us in establishing the right positioning for Back Market in the US, based on those audiences (brand platform and key messages).

2. Build a strong communication strategy through your culture and market expertise

You will stand as the local expert for the US market.

You will shape a communication plan together with the Head of Marketing US (campaigns, moment marketing, touch points) to deliver results.

3. Manage daily brand communication

You will be in charge of the day to day implementation of this strategy, leveraging internal capabilities (influence, copywriting, CRM, etc.) and working with external partners (advertising agency, production company, PR agency).

4. Track results and adapt our strategy

You will analyze and report the performance/success of our actions and suggest recommendations to improve and refine our strategy as needed.

You will manage the budget dedicated to local agencies and production companies.

Why you should seriously consider applying.

  • You are a native English speaker 
  • You are curious, and have an analytical mindset. You are strategy-savvy, readily understanding people and markets. 
  • You have a strong creative sensibility. You are eager to build a brand that is here to get people excited, not just a cold transactional platform.
  • You are not afraid of project management and are a bit of an all-rounder
  • You are a team player…and a great manager
  • You have a 5-10 years experience : preferably in communications / advertising agencies (ie. strategic planning) - or a similar experience within a high-growth brand. 
  • If you speak some French, that would be a plus! (but you don’t have to love cheese)


  • Back Market is growing fast: you won’t have to create a dynamic environment from scratch, but just nurture and cultivate it.
  • We are in hypergrowth but we are still very much in the early stages when it comes to branding: your work will have a tremendous impact - and you’ll have a shitload of autonomy.
  • We believe in our brand, for real. We are not trying to create smoke and mirrors: our brand is at the core of our business. If you want to work building a brand that actually matters, this is the right place.
  • The job will evolve a lot through time. More responsibilities, more resources, more talent to manage, more room to grow.
  • We are a mission-driven company. We are here to help solve the environmental crisis, one refurbished product at a time
  • Back Makers (your future colleagues) are passionate, fun (sometimes!) and benevolent (always)
  • Team lunches, happy hours, company outings (you’ll get to travel to Paris!)
  • Amazing work space in trendy Brooklyn
  • 5-week vacation (and yes you will take them all!)
  • Generous benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k,...)

Backmarket is an Equal Opportunity Employer for any minority, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.

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