SEO image for Winter 2018 Program Spotlight: Techstars

Not familiar with Techstars? Here’s why it should be on your radar: Techstars is an intensive, three-month accelerator program that provides an unparalleled network of mentors and advisors to promising early-stage companies. They have programs all over the world and in every industry — you’ve probably even heard of some former Techstars companies! Do Classpass and Plated ring a bell? Classpass has raised $154 million to date and Plated was acquired by supermarket chain Albertson’s last year, so it’s safe to say Techstars alums are companies to watch.

As a program alum ourselves, we love supporting fellow members of the Techstars family, so we were really excited to meet the latest superstars from the Techstars NYC Winter 2018 class last week! We spoke with the co-founders of eleven companies about their experience with the program and about how they’re disrupting, innovating, and making a name for themselves in the New York City startup scene.

Some of these startups were founded to solve pressing problems facing their industries, while others aspire to improve existing processes. Some are consumer-facing, while others are targeted to business leaders. And the founders we met were as impressive and diverse as the companies they founded, but they all had one thing in common: they agreed that Techstars has been an invaluable experience, and they’re confident that the support and mentorship they received will help propel their companies to future success. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

To learn more about this groundbreaking group of companies, keep your eyes on our blog, where we’ll be profiling them individually over the coming weeks. In the meantime, keep an eye on these hot startups doing big things!

group photo of the techstars Winter 2018 Program

  • Acculis helps contractors in the construction industry resolve issues virtually before they become real-world problems.
  • Altru allows companies to customize and personalize the job application experience with authentic, employee-generated content.
  • The Clear Cut democratizes the private jewelry experience by curating, designing, and creating handcrafted, one-of-a-kind engagement rings.
  • kpiReady streamlines data collection, reporting, and visualization with its all-in-one platform built for high-growth startups.
  • Kyso is a blogging platform for developers and non-technical employees alike to share machine learning and data science models and insights.
  • Loom Network is a first-of-its-kind blockchain development platform for large-scale online games and social apps.
  • One Step is addressing the addiction epidemic in the United States by providing patient monitoring software to rehabs and sober homes.
  • PathSpot built smart technology that scans employees’ hands to detect pathogens that cause foodborne illnesses.
  • Rootine creates a custom mix of vitamins and supplements for consumers based on their genomic blueprints.
  • Streamline Genomics developed a platform that makes it easier for clinicians to analyze the DNA of cancer patients.
  • TypingDNA created an API that recognizes the way people type for more natural two-factor authentication.
  • Vertoe provides affordable, safe, and convenient temporary luggage storage, with more than 70 locations in New York City.

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