Trying to adjust to the evolving impact of a global pandemic has companies across the country planning for an uncertain future when it comes to their operations and hiring strategy. 

Circumstances are changing rapidly for everyone – and your business has likely already experienced this firsthand. As your company plans out its next moves, we wanted to share Trial-to-Permanent hiring as an alternate hiring option that can help your team meet its goals and maintain business continuity, while staying agile in this time of unprecedented uncertainty. 

Many Planted partner companies have found success in our alternate Trial-to-Perm hiring option to continue essential operations with lower risk. Trial-to-Perm gives you the flexibility to scale up and down as your business needs change. We still pre-screen and connect with you the top 10% of candidates who are actively looking for trial-to-perm jobs for you to interview.  Keep reading for more info on how this flexible hiring structure can help out your team during this time.

Why Trial-to-Perm:

  • Provides Flexibility: Trial-to-Perm gives you the flexibility to scale up and down as your business needs change by allowing you to bring on team members on a temporary basis to address short-term needs. 
  • Ensures Long-Term Fit: Bringing candidates on for a trial period can also act as an extended interview so you can see how they do on the job and ensure that they’re the right long-term fit.  
  • Reduces the Cost of Hiring: Hiring with Trial-to-Perm is more friendly for your budget when you’re trying to manage your costs as you won’t be responsible for certain expenses such as unemployment insurance or severance if your operational needs change or it’s not the right long-term fit. 

How It Works: 

  • We’ll send pre-screened shortlists of candidates who match your criteria who you can interview just like you would for a standard permanent hire.  
  • When you’re ready to extend an offer, Planted will handle all of the payroll onboarding and administration, benefits and legal paperwork , and can get candidates in the seat in as fast as a day. 
  • You’ll pay an all-in hourly bill rate during the trial period and can convert the candidate to your payroll as a permanent employee on your timeline when you’re ready.  

FAQs on Trial-to-Permanent Hiring 

Q: How long is the trial period?

A: The typical trial period is 3 to 4 months but this depends on your business needs! Extending and limiting the trial period is flexible for each company and can be changed once the candidate starts. 

Q: What if I want to end the trial period early?

A: We understand! If you decide to hire a candidate permanently or decide it’s not the right fit, you can end the trial period at any time. 

Q: What if I want to hire a trial employee permanently?

A: If you end up loving the candidate, you can convert them to a permanent employee at any time. 

Q: What if I need to extend the trial period?

A: The duration of the trial period is flexible! Just make sure to reach out to your Customer Success Manager and be sure to communicate this to the candidate as well. 

Q: How much does Trial-to-Perm hiring cost?

A: During the trial period, you’ll pay an all-in hourly bill rate for every hour the candidate works. You set the hourly pay rate you’d like to pay the candidate, and the overall hourly bill rate is inclusive of all employer burden including taxes, insurance, unemployment, and payroll administration. 

Q: What does it cost to convert a candidate to a permanent employee? 

A: Conversion fees are scaled down depending on how long the candidate is on the trial period for. After a 4-month trial period, there is no fee to convert a candidate to a permanent employee.   

Q: Can I use the Trial-to-Perm structure to hire for some of my positions and not others?

A: Absolutely — you’re free to tailor each of your company’s openings to your individual needs, including the trial-to-permanent structure. 

Q: How many candidates do you have that are open to Trial-to-Perm opportunities?

A: Nearly 80% of Planted candidates have indicated that they are open to Trial-to-Perm opportunities. 

We know times can feel challenging right now, let us know how we can help as your hiring needs shift. If you’re a new Planted partner, sign up here to get started. If you’re already signed up on Planted, log into your account to post your jobs.