In the world of 21st century technology, we’re always thinking about how we can use advancements to change and better our lives. Some of the most advanced uses of our tech fall in the field of biotechnology, where scientists use living systems and organisms to make products. Biotech can include everything from agriculture, to medicine, to gene therapy. It’s not rocket science, but it’s complex and intense work.

Are you interested in changing the world through biology? If you are, check out these four biotech startups in New York City.

#1 - HistoWiz

Who they are: HistoWiz is a histopathology service company that processes, cuts, stains mouse tissue samples, and digitalizes the results for cancer researchers in academia and pharma. They offer their histology service in three days with pathology expertise, full digital results, online collaboration, and digital data management.

Why they’re great: HistoWiz is one of many companies around the world devoted to an important mission: fighting cancer. They strive to fight, “cooperatively instead of individually by connecting scientists, clinicians and patients for online collaboration.”

#2 - Opentrons

Who they are: Opentrons is a robotic technology company that makes personal pipetting robots for biologists. The purpose of their robots is to automate the pipetting procedure and allow scientists to have more time to design experiments and analyze data.

Why they’re great: Opentrons strives to provide the scientific community with a platform to easily share protocols and reproduce results. By automating a time consuming process, they not only minimize error, but also free up scientists’ time so they can work on other parts of their experiments. Additionally, Opentrons leverages 3D printing and cutting edge open-source software frameworks in their operations.

#3 - Envisagenics

Who they are: Envisagenics develops cloud-based solutions to leverage biomedical data and accelerate research and development therapeutics. The team at Envisagenics integrates AI and RNA therapeutics to unlock previously inaccessible cures for diseases caused by splicing errors, such as cancer and rare genetic disorders.

Why they’re great: Envisagenics does complicated work, but when it comes down to it, their mission is to advance the world’s ability to cure diseases. The people at Envisagenics are extremely driven, want to challenge themselves, and explore new possibilities. The team is devoted to furthering modern science and technology, but also “possesses the spirit to appreciate culture, diversity, new ideas, and [food and fun].”

4. Elysium Health

Who they are: Elysium is a health technology company who translates advances in science and tech into effective, scientifically sound health products available to consumers in their everyday lives. They strive to develop compelling compounds found in nature that provide people the ability to proactively support their personal health. Their first product, called “Basis,” is a daily supplement designed to support well-being at the cellular level.

Why they’re great: Elysium’s goal is to build the first direct-to-consumer health science company with the mission to impact wellness. The Elysium team vision is to solve the biggest challenges in health with science and to help people live healthier, longer, happier lives. They work with scientists, clinicians, and health professionals, including Nobel prize winners.

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