Puppies are literally the best. Our office is full of people who would much rather talk to dogs than humans -- the type of people who’d make a beeline for pups on the street, eager to make a new pupper friend, while (totally unintentionally) ignoring their owners. I mean, we like people too, but doggos are. the. best. We’re like putty in their hands (paws?). They can poop in the conference room, and we’ll always forgive them because they’re full of cuddles and cuteness and unconditional love. And on National Dog Day, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate our furry best friends.

In honor of National Dog Day, we put together a list of NYC startups dedicated to our K-9 friends, because if they love dogs enough to start a company to make their lives better, they’re our kind of hoomans.

Let’s be real, every day is National Dog Day.

#1 - BARK

According to their website, BARK began in 2012 when three crazy dog people decided that their dogs deserved stuff that didn't exist yet. The stuff in their monthly subscription BarkBox are innovative and fun for you and your furry friend (because there’s a subscription box for everything else under the sun, so why not for your pup?), but BARK offers more than just a subscription service. Other projects of theirs include BarkBuddy, which is pitched as Tinder for dogs (!!); Destroyer’s Club, which celebrates the joy in destroying toys (there’s a leaderboard and everything!); and Lights, Camera, Bark, for the doggos with aspirations of Instafame.

#2 - The Farmer's Dog

Another pupscription service, at your service. These guys care about the health of man’s best friend -- so much so, that they use a blend of technology and veterinary expertise to put together a customized profile for your pup to send fresh food made just for them. This is the kind of food that’s tested on humans, so you know it’s safe and nutritious for the doggos. There’s even a DIY recipe section on their site, so if you’re feeling a little bootstrapped at the moment, you can give their recipes a test run without breaking the bank! Oh, and if you’re ever looking for a little pick-me up, check out their instagram @thefarmersdog -- which is chock-full of happy pups eating only the healthiest of foods.

#3 - Dog Parker

If you own a dog, you know what it’s like to see businesses that won’t let dogs inside. Chelsea Brownridge, co-founder of Dog Parker, hated that she and her pal Winston missed out on so many adventures because she worried about leaving Winston tied outside, that he might get loose, get scared, or be stolen. That’s where the idea for Dog Parker was born: a shareable, safe dog house where your friend can hang out while you pop inside to pick up some ice cream and doggy treats. The house is temperature-controlled, spacious, and comes with a doggy cam so you can keep an eye on Rover from your phone.

#4 - Swifto

We’re practically drooling with excitement over Swifto (see that dog imagery? That’s why they pay us the big bucks). Swifto is basically Uber but for dog walks, so we’re totally down. Swifto offers features like GPS tracking, live updates when your pup does their business, and a summary after each walk with photo updates along the way. We love companies dedicated to helping us take care of our pups (especially if it means we can get the rest of our chores done at the same time).

If you love dogs as much as we do, make sure you check out these doggo loving startups for your next job. Even when the work days get ruff, you’ll be doing our pawsome friends a service.

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