San Francisco is home to hundreds of incredible startups, and you don’t have to work at Silicon Valley’s tech giants to say goodbye to your sad desk salad and hello to free meals like shrimp scampi and coconut curry. Here are five startups in the San Francisco area that offer free daily meals (along with other amazing perks). Btw, they’re all hiring for some pretty sweet business roles, too.


Who they are: Asana is a tech startup with an app and software that helps companies and teams better organize their tasks so that they can get more stuff done each and every day.

Perks and benefits: Since the Asana team is made up of productivity experts, they know that you can’t skip the most important meal of the day and expect to blow through your to-do list. Which is why their culinary team provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily! They even go out of their way to make sure that the ingredients used are organic and locally sourced, if possible. They also offer on-site yoga classes, untracked PTO, and commuter benefits, among other perks.

Hiring now: Business Systems Analyst, Customer Success Manager, Regional Marketing Manager, Content Writer, Growth Email Marketer, Head of Product Marketing.


Who they are: DoorDash is an on-demand meal delivery service with a mission to empower local communities. One cool thing about it is that it offers real-time tracking so customers never have to wonder when their orders are actually going to arrive (because we’ve all been there). DoorDash is currently available in 600 cities across North America.

Perks and benefits: DoorDash offers more than just a fully-stocked kitchen. It also provides employees with a $75 monthly fitness reimbursement, equity, and unlimited vacation.

Hiring now: Enterprise Partnership Associate, Communications Manager, Corporate Account Manager, Director, Growth, Copywriter, Partner Manager, and more.


Who they are: Quantcast is a platform that gathers information on advertising and audience insights, which companies can use to figure out what changes they need to be making in order to continue to grow and increase their reach.

Perks and benefits: Quantcast has numerous perks, but their free catered lunch is a standout one. They also have breakfast items available daily so employees can have an energized start to the day. Quantcast also offers cell phone reimbursement and competitive salaries, among other perks.

Hiring now: Senior Account Executive, Strategic Insights Manager, Senior Sales Manager, Field Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Senior Business Systems Analyst.


Who they are: Love video games? Then you’ve probably heard of Zynga, which creates video games for online social platforms like Facebook. Yep, this is the company behind FarmVille.

Perks and benefits: Gamers gotta eat too. Zynga provides daily lunches and dinners and has a kitchen stocked with snacks. They of course also have video game lounges and monthly poker tournaments, too!

Hiring now: Product Manager, QA Manager, Rotational Product Manager.


Who they are: Mix, formerly known as StumbleUpon, helps users discover unique content from around the web. It is a search platform where users can add links to their favorite websites and blogs and follow accounts with content they are interested in.

Perks and benefits: Mix makes sure that their kitchen is stocked with organic fruits and snacks to keep employees happy. They also offer a monthly Uber and gym reimbursement as well as 401k matching.

Hiring now: Lead Product Designer

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Jasmin Suknanan is a freelance writer at Planted. She’s been a New Yorker all her life but took a small break from skyscrapers and subways to study Journalism at Stony Brook University on Long Island. She never met a dessert she didn’t like and “iced latte” is basically her middle name. She owns the millennial lifestyle blog called Macarons & Mascara where she writes about college, career, and travel. Follow her on Twitter.