South by Southwest 2018 (or SXSW as it’s so lovingly abbreviated) is well underway this year, with companies from all over the world – ranging from film and music to interactive media and brand new startups jumping into the scene. The annual conference, which gets major buzz every year, takes place in the southern state of Texas every March and hosts “SXSW Accelerator Pitch” – the event to be at for startups & emerging tech to showcase their latest to an expert panel of judges.

From advancements in wearable health tech to new cryptocurrency software, the SXSW Accelerator Pitch received more than 600 entrants into the competition. Planted rounded up the coolest New York startups in the running to be on the watch for. Browse the list and be on the lookout for their growing teams:

#1 - Envested

Recently featured in Inc.’s 30 Under 30 list for 2017, Envested has employees at the core of its mission: the SaaS platforms makes it easy for colleagues and coworkers to get together around workplace events, leisure activities and volunteer opportunities of interest, allowing for greater company engagement. As they state on their website, Envested is “committed to helping you build and keep your best culture”. By letting employees, management and even nonprofits schedule time together – for a bike ride or local tree planting – this New York startup is bridging the gap between today’s modern work culture and talent.

#2 - Lilu

Feminism is on the rise, and startups are paying attention to the needs of modern women, with Lilu at the frontline. Their wearable bras are the first on the market to allow moms to pump milk -- hands-free. The bra is designed to use lactation massage techniques, allowing for automated compression. Taking into account the lives of breastfeeding moms, Lilu has also designed the bra to be discreet, rechargeable, and compatible with a wide-range of on-the-market pumps. This new-age health brand also boasts mothers getting up to 50% more milk from each session. Now that’s what we call adding value.

#3 - Goalsetter

Founder and mother Tanya Van Court wanted a way to help her kids become financially savvy and emotionally healthy, so she started Goalsetter: a platform that encourages little tikes to set goals that their parents, family members, or even family friends can financially contribute to. Potential goals include saving for a cause, getting a new toy, or even saving for educational programs.

Goalsetter also allows for family members to give to a child by purchasing a Goalcard: gift cards that let a young girl or boy begin to save towards the goal of their dreams! There’s no fee to sign-up, and there’s a low $1 fee to auto-save for any of the children in one’s life.

#4 - Nanowear

What if your doctor could track your health and provide accurate feedback on your medical condition based off a wearable device? That’s what Nanowear aims to do. Its patented cloth-based sensor technology is leading the way in medical advancements.

Simplesense is Nanowear’s first product, which allows for medical professionals to manage Congestive Heart Failure. How does it work? Every piece is made with a smart fabric that has millions of nanosensors connected directly to your phone. As you go about your day, from work to dinner to your workout, the sensors logs up-to-date information about your vitals. The company is looking to expand into headgear for neurological monitoring and even baby monitoring wearables to cover all of our health needs.

#5 - StackSource

Innovated solutions are happening in every industry, and StackSource feels it’s time the real estate industry catches up. It’s online platform connects property owners with lenders and investors, to grow their commercial success. By creating a direct one-to-one relationship between such entities like banks, private lenders and insurance companies, StackSource is making it easier for real estate professionals and real estate finance to move from the old-days of spreadsheets and phone calls into the new world of digital and mobile apps.

#6 - Fited

Brace yourselves – because Fited is bringing 3D tech to medical body braces and prosthetics. Using patient photos and x-rays, Fited creates personalized 3D printed health wearables. Its latest design, a 3D scoliosis brace, has been featured in the Cube Design Museum’s showcase page -- a testament to this brand’s forward-thinking and innovation.

Combining the powers of computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software with AI drive design technology, Fited is creating medical solutions that don’t just look good – but feel good too! Instead of bulky, uncomfortable braces of the past, Fited brings true ergonomics to these custom-fit devices.

The ever-growing conference and musical festival SXSW grows bigger and bigger every year, and the event is drawing some of the most innovative minds to the table. With its tenth annual SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event, the conference’s hometown in Austin is becoming a breeding ground for incredible breakthroughs in technology, community, and company culture.

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