Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, Silicon Slopes -- wait what? You heard that right! There are top startup jobs in Salt Lake City, Utah. Slowly but surely, Utah is becoming a budding startup hotspot. Not only have companies like Netflix and eBay opened offices in Utah, but the Beehive State has also witnessed its own surge of local tech companies. Read below for some of the top startup jobs in Salt Lake City!

1. MoneyLion -- Transforming Personal Finance

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Claim to Fame: Goodbye traditional banking and hello MoneyLion! Using data analytics combined with easy to use technology, MoneyLion creates personal recommendations to (finally) take reign of your finances. Whether this means raising your credit score for a loan, or simply learning to save money by not ordering Cheez-Its on Amazon Prime bi-weekly, MoneyLion has got you covered.

The Masterminds: Diwakar Choubey, Pratyush Tiwari, and Chee Mun Foong founded MoneyLion in 2013 after spending too much time frustrated by how slowly banks were adapting to modern technology. Fuelling their frustrations into MoneyLion meant creating a customer-focused company ready to disrupt traditional banking.

Currently Hiring: Loan Underwriter and Customer Support here

2. Peek -- Your Personal Travel Junkie

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Claim to Fame: Peek is your local travel guide, but one that speaks perfect English, knows exactly what you want, and doesn't try to rip you off. The company is a one-stop shop for travelers and locals to easily book amazing activities. Whether it’s uncovering an underground art scene, swimming with sharks, or touring local farms, and the Peek app connect users with everyday adventures that create lasting memories. Swimming with sharks in Hawaii? Done. Discovering the underground art scene in Miami? Whatever floats your boat, Peek will handle it.

The Masterminds: CEO Ruzwana Bashir and CTO Oskar Bruening together hold degrees from Harvard Business School, Oxford University, and MIT. As much as the two co-founders clearly love studying, their one true passion is -you guessed it- traveling.

Currently Hiring: Account Executives, Senior Sales Manager, General Manager, Project Coordinator, Partner Support Representative, and Customer Service Representative

3. Phötage -- Photos + Collages

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Claim to Fame: Tired of spending hours sending pictures to the local pharmacy's photo station and then spending even more hours perfectly crafting a collage on your walls? So is Phötage. Instead, Phötage has created an affordable and easy process to get the pictures from your Instagram feed and camera roll onto the walls of your home.

The Masterminds: Daniel Madanes loves technology (hence, starting a tech company). Even so, he is an avid believer in photos not just disappearing into the cloud forever.

Currently Hiring: Frontend and Backend Software Engineer, Junior Mobile iOS, & Web Developer

4. NomadBeds -- Sleep Comfortably Anywhere

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Claim to Fame: Veteran-owned NomadBeds ship for free, have a 10 year warranty, and are made in America. The mattress goes from the shipping tube to unraveling on your bed in a game-changing three step process. Hassle-free, comfortable, and affordable, NomadBeds has a top startup job in Salt Lake City you want to be applying to!

The Masterminds: The first night Navy veteran Paul Koziol was at boot camp, he realized sleep would never be the same. One thing his service taught him though? You can sleep anywhere. Staying true to the company's roots, NomadBeds even donates 1 mattress for every 10 sold to a veteran in need.

Currently Hiring: Outside Sales Rep

5. Podium -- By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

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Claim to Fame: All small and medium businesses need to start working with Podium ASAP. The company compiles online reviews from places like Google and Facebook to report back to business owners. This is the software by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

The Masterminds: Eric Rea got the idea for Podium when his father's tire shop got poor reviews. His father was desperate to compile the reviews and get his good reputation back. Enter: Podium.

Currently Hiring: Inside Sales Executive, Account Development Manager, Client Success Manager & Email Marketing Manager

Not all highly coveted startup jobs are in San Francisco or New York. It may come as a surprise, but there are also some top startup jobs in Salt Lake City too. Enjoy the mountains, the fresh air, and all the perks of startup life by checking out some of these companies and others on Planted now!