The early 2000’s were a strange time for music. The technological melting pot of mass internet availability, digitization of music, and the invention of the iPod led us all to think that maybe the music business was being dealt its final blow. CD sales dropped as more and more people began to buy their music online, and even those numbers were dwarfed with the invention of streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. Things looked pretty bleak for the music industry.

Every music producer in LA circa July 2002 | Via Tenor

But like with many “dying” industries, startups happened. People had visions for a better and brighter future, creating new business models and platforms to make and consume music, and to allow musicians to actually make a living -- starving artists no more!

Best thing about it all? They’re hiring.

#1 - Indify

What they’re about: Back in the Stone Age, the only way to know which new artist was going to be the biggest star of the year was to tune in every week to watch “American Idol”.

Okay, so maybe there were other ways, but this startup is sure they have it nailed down. Using listener data, social metrics, and online trends, Indify can track up-and-coming artists and predict the next big icon long before they get to peak stardom. So if you like nerding out about that sort of thing, and want to take #trending to a whole new level, this startup is the place for you.

Who they’re looking for: Editorial Intern

#2 - Saavn

What they’re about: This streaming service is looking at tackling more than one music scene- it’s going global. They are a reinventing how people listen and share music in India and around the world. As a distributor of English, Bollywood, and regional Indian music in over 200 countries, they are not playing around. And because the name of the game is ‘disruption,’ Saavn has gone above and beyond by being the first music company to team up with independent artists and produce original content. Like a Netflix Original….but music.

Who they’re looking for: Administrative Assistant, Accountant, Brand Ambassador

#3 - Amper Music

What they’re about: The AI’s are taking over, and Amper music is here to let you know that it’s perfectly OK. This tech startup wants to change the way music is created and composed for video content and they are using computers to help get that done. Founded by a group of former Hollywood film composers, Amper Music helps content creators instantly create customized original music for their work, using a very, very smart AI. Welcome to the future.

Who they’re looking for: VP of Product

#4 - ExperienceFLY

What they’re about: You ever want to go to a concert, but like...not leave your house? Well, this startup gets you. ExperienceFly is a social media app that musicians can use to perform live and reach their audience who are watching comfortably at home from their smartphone or tablet. Originally targeting new parents who might not be able to get childcare in order to go see their favorite band play- this app has the potential to reach anyone that would love to be at a concert but can’t make it because of cost or illness- from the touch of a button.

Who they’re looking for: Media Marketing Manager, Account Manager

#5 - SoundBetter

What they’re about: There are millions of songs that are created every single year and the process of doing so professionally is gruesome. From recording, to mixing, mastering and producing- it’s no wonder that gathering all the needed professionals together can feel like herding cats. SoundBetter is here to fix that. They work with musicians to put lots of music-production talent in one space, create an amazing user experience, and change the way creative professionals earn money from their talent. This small creative team has proved their worth, already having delivered over 7 million dollars worth of work to music professionals.

Who they’re looking for: Customer Happiness Representative

#6 - Jukely

What they’re about: This startup is determined to help you go to as many cool concerts as you possibly can. For a paltry $25 a month subscription, Jukely sends you to concerts nearby that interest you. All you have to do is RSVP, and show up. No extra fees, no ticket lines. For those who live and breathe music, this clear money saver will help you fall in love with a new band every single week.

Who they’re looking for: Social Media/Content intern

#7 - The Wave VR

What they’re about: Because AI just wasn’t enough, let’s throw in a touch of virtual reality to the music disruption business. TheWaveVR is a platform that lets music lovers view, host, and socialize with other music lovers, all around the world at any time. No need to travel across the country to check out your favorite DJ or hit up the coolest festival. TheWaveVR lets the music creator customize their audience’s experience from VR nightclub, to outer space disco lights. This Startup isn’t looking into the here and now, they’re already in the next century.

Who they’re looking for: Product Manager

#8 - Gigmor

What they’re about: Anyone who’s ever played in a band understands the headache of booking a gig. Gigmor is here to fix this woefully broken and inefficient undertaking. They’re already boasting 600 venues in cities from LA to Denver to NYC, and 50,000 artists on board. This startup saw the need to help this fragmented process come together, and didn’t hesitate. So if you’re into helping artists connect with festivals, clubs and private events, then this is the place for you.

Who they’re looking for: Marketing Intern.

#9 - SOS Music Media

What they’re about: A startup with a heart of gold and a purpose greater than life itself -- SOS Music Media curates and showcases artists who are able to express and capture the inner-workings of our society. They feature different artists who create lyrics, music, and music videos that engage the audience with substantive, entertaining, and thought provoking issues that typically get ignored in the conventional scene. And because they love a play on words- SOS here stands for “Society of Sound”.

Who they’re looking for: Content Creator

#10 - Modacity

What they’re about: Remember all those music lessons your parents made you take, just so you can look at a clarinet years later and know deep in your ungrateful soul that you have no idea how to play the instrument you practiced for three whole years? Well, this startup is here to help make you feel a little less bad.

Almost ten billion dollars are spent annually on music lessons, but over 88% of music learners fail. Terrible stats. It’s why Modacity is building an app that helps musicians learn music faster while having more fun! They’ve mastered the art of practicing efficiently (work smart, not hard), and are here to help music students unlock their passion for the art.

Who they’re looking for: Growth Hacker

Music startups like these are popping up all over the country, and they need all kinds of talented people to help them get to where they need to go! So whether it’s through your marketing, sales, or customer service prowess, get ready to be part of something amazing.

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Laurah Mwirichia is a UX Designer and freelance writer raised in the midwest and currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. She can’t afford a mortgage because she once had avocado toast at brunch in June 2015. You can follow her on Medium or Twitter.