Decisions, decisions. We face mountains of them each and every day.

Domino’s or Pizza Hut? Netflix or Hulu? Jeans or jeggings? Ice cream or cake, or both? All very real and pressing decisions you make in your glamorous day-to-day life.

Choosing between two good things can be tough. Especially when those two good things will affect THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. We’re talking job offers here. You’ll want to take a little more time weighing your options when it comes to an activity that will consume a good chunk of your waking hours.

If you face this big decision, break it down. Look at your choices from these different angles when you have the happy problem of deliberating between two job opportunities.

The Job

Is this is something you can actually see yourself doing? Is it a challenge? Can you do it in your sleep? Does it make you want to run in the opposite direction? Use your answers as clues to solve your conundrum.


As in, is there room for career growth? Or will you be stuck in the same position for years, like a bad yoga class? Ouch.

Trains, Planes & Automobiles

Ponder your commute. Your journey to work costs both time and money. Remember time is money, so your commute costs money and money. Think about it.


Are you all about that suit and tie or do you like to rock a flannel like nobody’s business? Maybe you’re extremely attracted to ping-pong tables and company-wide snack breaks. As opposed to cubicle-squatting and power lunches, that is. Figure out which gig is gonna float your boat on the river of company culture.


Jobs can come with little perks here and there (think free Vitamin Waters and discount movie tickets), or big perks that you don’t get for 30 years (think 401k). What’s important to you right now and later?

Ca$h Money

When you really get down to brass tacks, income matters. Especially if you have racked up a nice amount of debt to earn your degree. Can you survive on the money being offered?

Just Do It

If you’re still feeling ambivalent after you mull things over, it may be time to just jump. Designate each job as heads or tails. Flip a coin. Check your gut reaction after you see the results. Sometimes you need to be pushed into a decision to realize which choice you don’t really want. Either go with the flip, or don’t. That should do it.

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