So you’ve scored a job at the perfect company. You’ve got awesome co-workers, great benefits, and are working toward mission you’re passionate about. But there’s one teeny tiny little problem: you don’t love the job your doing.

Okay, we lied. That’s a pretty big problem. But maybe the company is just so amazing and you loved all of the conversations you had when you interviewed, so you took the job they offered you without really thinking about your day-to-day. Or maybe you actually thought you’d love your current job but now you’re wishing you were doing something else. Whatever the reason, it’s time for a change.

Luckily, growing companies, especially startups, are great places to switch roles. There’s always more work to be done than there are people to do it, so growing into a new role can be easy if you do it right. Follow these steps to your dream job.

Stay Positive About Your Current Role

You can do it! Stay positive! Via Giphy .

Don’t let yourself slack off in your current role just because it’s not exactly what you want to be doing. When you ask for a change, you’ll need to be able to show that you can do your job well even if it’s not exactly the one you want. Every job you’ll do involves tasks that you don’t love or projects you just straight up don’t want to do. It’s important to show your manager that you’re a team player and have a positive attitude, even about at things you don’t love. This’ll help them feel much more confident in your work ethic and support your case for moving onto a different team (or creating a new role for yourself altogether).

Take on More Projects

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This is the best way to show your managers that you’re serious about switching roles. Taking on more projects, especially ones that are closely related to the job you actually want to do, is an excellent way to show that you got what it takes to do something different. Want to move into social media? Ask to help schedule upcoming posts on Facebook and Twitter. Do you love business development? Ask to sit in on some meetings to learn more about how your company approaches strategic business solutions.

Identifying gaps and filling them by asking for extra projects will show your managers that you have the initiative to do well in a new role. Plus, it’ll help you gain the skills that you’ll need to do the job you actually want.

Tell Your Manager

Your manager when you tell them you’d like to switch roles. Via Giphy.

Don’t keep your career aspirations to yourself. If you want to switch roles at your company, throw some time on your manager’s calendar to discuss it, or bring it up during your annual review. Otherwise, they’ll likely assume that you’re content in your current role and want to keep growing in that area of the company. Talking to your manager helps you not only establish that you want to switch things up, but it’ll also help them help you make that switch.

Everyone does their best when they love what they’re doing. Your manager most likely knows this and wants to put you in a position you’re passionate about. If you’re doing well in your current position and are also managing to take on extra projects, it will make it easy for them to advocate for you.

Be the Master of Your Own Fate

Of course you are! Via Giphy .

Startups are places where everyone’s job title is a little bit fluid. While this nebulousness is scary for some, use it to your advantage as you figure out how you want to shape your own career. Nothing will change if you don’t take control and go after it. You’re the only one who can push your career forward! Go after the job you want and show you can do it. We believe in you! 

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Carrie Boyd is a freelance writer covering everything from startups to languages. She loves traveling to far-off lands, cooking new recipes, and drinking heart-stopping amounts of coffee. You can find her on Twitter @carrielb_.