Updated: 11/10/2021

It's that time of year again! The holidays are rolling around quickly and we know the next couple of months can be quite busy—you know, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and, of course, catching up on some well-deserved sleep. But if you’re home for the holidays this winter, you may want to set aside some time for job searching, especially if you’re looking to make a job change in 2022. Here are a few ways to make sure that your job hunt isn’t hibernating this holiday season.

1. Network, network, network

You’re not the only one with some extra free time during the holidays! Make it a point to schedule a couple of quick coffee chats with people who have jobs at companies you want to work for or are in the industry you want to break into. If you get something in the books, be sure to do your research ahead of time and have your questions ready!

Even if you hear a lot of “I’d love to chat, but things are too hectic right now” replies, you should ask whomever you’re reaching out to if they’d be interested in talking in the new year. If you can’t quite tear yourself away from the couch during your break, either we gotchu. Check out these ways to network from your couch!

2. Get your resume in shape

If you're on your laptop during your break, you might as well edit your resume. Via Giphy .

Spending a quiet night by the fire? Curl up with your laptop and fine-tune your resume! Whether you want to create different versions of your resume to highlight different skill sets or want to spruce it up with some stats, now’s the time to do it all. This way you’re prepared to fire it off without giving it a second thought when you rev up your job search in 2022!

3. Set defined goals

Let's be honest, no one likes the question: “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?” Most of us don't even know what we want to eat for breakfast tomorrow morning! One thing that makes tackling that question a little easier, though, is setting career goals. It’s first necessary to focus on the big picture. What do you hope to accomplish in the long term? What are your career end goals? Jot down your thoughts in a journal, idea board, a Google doc, or whatever works for you!

4. Dive straight in

This is your moment—don't wait to jump on in! Via Giphy .

Finding a job can feel full-time job in itself, so use your downtime around the holidays to really get into the thick of it. Find roles that are of interest to you and start sending out applications so you can sit back and relax when everyone else is trying to actually follow through on their New Year’s resolution to find a new job.

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Cat Hausler is a self-proclaimed grammar nerd with a passion for the power of the written word. Based in Denver, Cat enjoys going to see live music, practicing yoga, exploring the mountains, and park days with her friends.