There's nothing quite like startup life.

There’s having a job, and then there’s having a job at a startup. There’s nothing quite like the collaborative, fast-paced, and downright inspiring environment that a startup can provide. While some days are definitely more challenging than others, we can’t help but think about the things we’re so thankful to have at a startup—including the ones below.

You work with the best team

A smart, motivated #workfam just comes with the package when you work at a startup, and you’ll always feel supported in your work. With everyone dedicated to working towards the same mission, you’ll rarely come across coworkers who let their egos get in the way of reaching your shared goals. In fact, many startups have a no assholes policy to remind employees that that kind of behavior just doesn’t fly.

Oh, and another thing: your teammates will likely come from all sorts of backgrounds, so you’ll be able to feed off of each other’s different perspectives to do more meaningful work and also build out a stronger network.

You work alongside leadership

At a startup (especially one in its early stages), the hierarchy tends to be flatter, meaning less bureaucracy and fewer layers between you and upper management. In fact, the CEO’s desk may be right next to yours! Doing away with stuffy formalities will provide you more opportunities to make your voice heard and make a bigger and more direct impact with your work. This will also give you the opportunity to see how the business functions at a higher level, which can come in handy if you’re hoping to start your own business one day.

Actually, you get to work alongside everyone

Cross-team collaboration is necessary when you’re at a startup, whether you work in marketing, sales, customer success, or product. There’s a lot of potential synergy that you and your coworkers can create by working outside of your traditional silos, which means you’ll feel more fulfilled at work! If you’re someone who likes to wear a lot of hats and are still not quite sure what your career path is, working alongside different teams will help you figure it out much faster.

You get more growth opportunities

Ever had a job where you knew you could have spearheaded or added value to a project, only for your boss to tell you that you weren’t allowed to do so for whatever reason? That’s the kind of thing that pushes employees to look for jobs where they can actually make an impact instead of being caught up in red tape.

The boss-employee dynamic often operates differently at a startup. Because startups are often scrappy (especially early-stage ones) and require their employees to go above and beyond their normal job duties, it’s pretty common for your boss to allow you to take ideas and run with them as long as you prove that you’re capable and willing to take on more projects. And as you experiment with new initiatives, you gain some real experience that you can refer back to when you’re interviewing for new opportunities.

You learn new things and act on them quickly

As much as we hate to acknowledge it, life is all about ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. If you can’t stand being at a job where each and every day feels like a scene out of Groundhog Day, then startup life is calling your name. It’s not uncommon for goals or priorities to change at the drop of a hat at a startup, so you’ve got to learn to switch gears and work on whatever gets thrown your way. We don’t want to say “working under pressure” is the norm at startups,’s the norm.

You enjoy awesome perks

Who can resist incredible perks like free meals, unlimited vacation, fully covered health plans, game rooms, and office pups? While startups can’t always offer the biggest salaries, they can get pretty creative with ways to attract and retain talent  that big corporations could only dream of, making work-life balance feel easier to achieve even during the weeks when you feel like you literally live at the office.

You learn to take things in stride

The breakneck speed that startups tend to run at means you’ll never feel married to one particular project, and you can’t afford the time to wallow when a project or initiative doesn’t give you the results you want. At a startup, you need to be okay when projects aren’t executed perfectly or when they fail. Adaptability, flexibility, and simply learning to deal are all super valuable skills to hone in and out of the workplace.

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