Startups are famous for creating inviting and comfortable offices for their employees to work, play, eat, and work some more in, all while having fun! Having access to an engaging environment allows employees the freedom to come up with creative ideas while building companies that will be the innovation bedrocks of tomorrow. A well designed office space can make all the difference in establishing a great culture, something that is vital in making employees happy (and productive) given the oftentimes long hours at a startup. Here’s our list of New York City’s startup offices that are doing “cool” the best.

1. Spotify

Founded in Stockholm, Spotify has taken the music industry by storm. Spotify offers users a great way to stay connected with the latest hits, see what their friends are listening to, and easily explore other genres. According to a recent study, the fast-growing startup is currently worth more than the entire US recorded music industry. Their great success couldn’t have been possible without their hardworking employees and this amazing office!

Located in the heart of Chelsea, Spotify’s office is home to about 300 employees who are free to frolic about the office, brush up on their ping pong skills, challenge each other in video games, and even grab headphones from their tech vending machine (yes, this is a thing).

2. Quirky

Launched in 2009, Quirky is well...a quirky company. Instead of coming out with their own fun products that solve everyday problems, Quirky crowd sources new products from a larger community of inventors, designers, and average Joes. If your idea is selected, Quirky will help you design, engineer, market, and sell your product.

Located in Chelsea, Quirky’s office provides employees the perfect space to work, collaborate, design, and create. On top of that, Quirky offers its employees in-office bike storage, showers, and a monthly $100 travel reimbursement. Plus they’ve got a certified army of 3D printers!

3. General Assembly

Started in 2011 with the goal to create a forward-thinking community of entrepreneurs and startup companies, General Assembly provides people a way to learn coding, design, and business.

With the mission to train a generation of creators, General Assembly’s collaborative office provides people a way to work together, come up with creative ideas, and get hands-on exposure to whatever they may be learning. Their modern sensibilities influence practically every aspect of the interior design, from their tables made from custom reframed wood, to their lamps constructed out of poured concrete. If you want to make a difference and have fun doing it, General Assembly might be the place for you.

4. Birchbox

Founded in 2010 to give people an easy way for people to sample, try, and buy beauty products, Birchbox has grown to an international company servicing both men and women. They’ve shipped millions of products with the goal to help customers find products that they love.

Headquartered in New York City, the Birchbox office is full of fun meeting rooms each named after rooms in a home. Birchbox’s 100 employees are treated to a fun work environment full of yoga, food, and a ton of free samples.

5. Foursquare

Located in vibrant SoHo, Foursquare provides users a great way to discover and find amazing restaurants, nightlife, and stores. Foursquare slowly learns what you like, so wherever you go, you’ll be able to find that perfect place.

Foursquare’s office has badge inspired conference rooms, an open “bull-pen” work area, and plenty of couches to relax, play games, or just have a change of scenery. To top it off, Foursquare has its own cafeteria, Fat Denny’s, named after its founder Dennis Crowley.

6. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed started the viral content creation that’s sweeping the nation. They’re the reason marketers are focused more on shareability than clickability. Without BuzzFeed listicles would probably be assumed to be a Frankenstein typo of popsicle. BuzzFeed is perfectly tuned into the zeitgeist presenting its readers with inspirational quotes, animals who “can’t even”, and actual hard hitting news delivered in a way that people actually want to read. Love them or not, you can’t ignore the impact they’ve had on the media landscape.

However, overthrowing paradigms is hard work, and hard work starts in the office. The BuzzFeed offices, located in the FlatIron district, often reflect the sensibilities of the site, including walls with “Win”, “omg”, and “cute” sprawled across. As you can expect from the meme machine, animals are everywhere. They even have dolphin bathroom keys for the girls and shark keychains for the guys. Hungry? Employees could head onto the BuzzFeed canteen for a onto the BuzzFeed canteen for some much needed recharging.

7. Squarespace

Started in 2004 out of a dorm room at the University of Maryland, Squarespace has since relocated to SoHo. With the mission to give people the tools to easily design and put together a beautiful website, Squarespace gives everyone a place where they can have their voices heard.

The Squarespace SoHo office provides its employees an endless amount of books related to design, programing, photography, and more. To top it off, employees are given free membership to a yoga studio right above the office and a fully-stocked kitchen. Who doesn’t love snacks?

8. Makerbot

Located in Brooklyn, Makerbot is a pioneer in the 3D printing industry. With the goal to produce and distribute affordable 3D printers to the masses, Makerbot builds and assembles its printers and delivers them to you so you can start creating just about anything in minutes.

The Makerbot offices are like getting a glimpse into a window of the future. As you may imagine, the 3D Printing HQ is crawling with Makerbots and 3D printed games, statuettes, even pieces of artwork. Named the Bot Farm, employees can build and create anything they can imagine. Forgot your coffee cup at home? Don’t worry, just make one! You can even buy 3D models from a vending machine.

9. ZocDoc

Launched in 2007, ZocDoc is the quick and easy solution to seeing a doctor when and where you want. ZocDoc users can browse various doctors, see what times they have open, and schedule an appointment on an easy to use calendar widget. No longer do you have to wait around for days to see a doctor.

Also located in SoHo, the ZocDoc office prides itself on making an engaging and fun environment for its employees. Disrupting an age old industry is hard work. The company’s core values are plastered, motif-like around the workspace. These include: Patients first, Great People, Speak Up, Own It, Work Hard, and Make Work Fun. Interestingly enough, its walls are covered with cartoons of popular doctors like Dr. Gregory House and CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

10. WeWork

WeWork is the hugely popular coworking startup so they don’t just have one NYC office, they have 14 with 2 more on the way! The WeWork offices are home to hundreds of companies of all sizes and provide the perfect collaborative environment to make your dream business a reality. The companies are given free beer and snacks, mirco-roasted coffee, modern and aesthetically interesting furniture, throwback wooden connect four boards, and plenty of event space (not to mention those dope chandeliers).

Regardless of the specific company, startups as a whole are untouchable when it comes to perks and office environments. They represent the epitome of the “work hard, play hard" mantra. Startup co-founders and HR Managers usually find that the happiest and most creatively engaged workers are also the most productive. If five minutes of foosball unwinding allows you two hours of flow zone work engagement, we’d say that’s a good investment.

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