I think we can all agree — summertime is one of the best times of the year. This summer, we’re so excited to get back to the beaches, vacations, and sunny celebrations. That being said, who wants to spend all of these lovely summer hours commuting back and forth to the office? The work-from-home trend is here to stay, and we want to let you know about the top remote jobs available this summer. 

Some of our fastest-growing partner companies are bringing in the heatwave with a new class of hires. So enjoy the AC from your home office and check out top remote jobs from Brilliant Earth, HungerRush, Mindbloom, and more:

About Brilliant Earth 

Founded in 2005 by classmates at Stanford, Brilliant Earth is the global leader in beautiful, timeless, ethically-sourced jewelry. They follow the principle of “luxury with a conscience” by sourcing conflict-free diamonds and jewels, all in the hopes of cultivating a more transparent, sustainable, and compassionate jewelry industry. Not only are they committed to sustainability, but community impact; donating 5% of net profits to build brighter futures in mining communities. 

About their position

Jewelry Designer (Remote in Los Angeles, CA / Denver, CO) — Apply Now 

Brilliant Earth is always evolving their products & processes, and right now, their Product Development & Custom Design teams are growing quickly! As they work to grow this team of close-knit creative problem solvers, they’re looking for jewelry designers based in Denver and LA to join them remotely. As a jewelry designer with Brilliant Earth, you’ll drive the design process for distinctive new fine jewelry pieces, research on-trend fashions and classic inspiration, ensure consistency in design, and more. The ideal candidate for this position has robust hand-rendering and drawing skills, Adobe Photoshop proficiency, an exceptional eye for detail, and experience in bridal and fine jewelry design. Brilliant Earth is reviewing new applicants right now, so don’t miss out! Submit your application on Planted today. 

About DoSomething.org 

DoSomething.org is a digital non-profit inspiring real-life action. Since their founding in 1993, DoSomething.org has tirelessly advocated for social leadership and community activism, making them one of the largest global organizations for young people to commit to societal change. Their mission is to inspire and celebrate a generation of doers, and their online organization has helped them create meaningful impacts across the country. 

About their position

Partnerships Manager (Remote / NYC) — Apply Now 

As DoSomething.org works on grassroots initiatives to inspire a new generation of changemakers, they’re looking for an experienced Partnerships Manager to join them remotely or in New York City. In this position, you’ll have the opportunity to grow & develop revenue goals, act as the main point of contact for corporate sponsors, create timelines for internal project management, and much more. The ideal candidate for this position at DoSomething is a team player and analyst with a penchant for pop culture and at least 3-5 years of experience supporting corporate partnerships with a nonprofit or mission-based organization. This position is in high-demand, so make sure to apply on Planted now! 

About Everplans 

In moments of crisis, the last thing family members should worry about is looking for important paperwork. Our partner, Everplans has stepped in to elegantly solve this problem. Their platform works as a sort of 'digital safety deposit box', providing a secure place for the most treasured family documents. With Everplans, important documents and critical information are stored, shared, and organized all with a few clicks, so that important information can be kept safe with family members for years to come.

About their position

Marketing Associate (Remote) — Apply Now

As Everplans works to bring more users to their platform, they’re looking for a hands-on Marketing Associate to help engage audiences on the critical benefits of the platform. In this position, you’ll have the opportunity to build out engagements on social media, maintain customer newsletters, identify content topics, and more. The ideal candidate for this position is a strong writer & creative marketer with a portfolio of previous work and at least 2 years of professional experience in marketing, social media, or content production. To learn more about the requirements and throw your hat in the ring, head over to Planted with this link. 

About Hologram Sciences 

Hologram Sciences is reimagining the future of nutrition. Their platform partners with leading nutrition scientists and doctors to help connect individuals with holistic solutions through a combination of health diagnostics, digital coaching, and personalized nutrition. At the core of everything they do is a proven, tailored approach to food science — creating cutting-edge solutions and helping people stay healthy and feel better overall.

About their position

Director, Commercial New Product Development (Remote in EST) — Apply Now 

As they work to grow their AI platform, Hologram is looking for a dedicated Director of Commercial New Product Development to transform their product development strategy remotely. In this position, you’ll have the opportunity to define product opportunities and concepts based on consumer insights and data, scope new features and confirm feasibility, establish required partnerships with external vendors to accelerate product expansion, and more. The ideal candidate for this opportunity is an experienced team leader with at least 7 years of experience developing new products for a consumer-facing line and is well-versed in A/B testing, market metrics, and user feedback. To learn more about the requirements and toss your hat in the ring, make sure to head over to Planted now.

About HungerRush 

HungerRush is empowering restaurants of all sizes to run their business the right way. Their comprehensive suite of POS software, back-end analytics, inventory management, and more helps family-owned operations and giants like Dairy Queen and Sbarro run like a well-oiled machine. Over 7,000 restaurants use HungerRush to optimize operations and boost customer engagement. 

About their position

Restaurant Success Manager (Remote) — Apply Now 

The restaurants they serve are at the heart of everything they do at HungerRush, and they’re looking for a brand-new Restaurant Success Manager to hop on board and act as a hands-on partner to their valued clients. As a Restaurant Success Manager at HungerRush, you’ll have the opportunity to onboard new clients during the post-sales process, coordinate requests between clients and the design and data entry team, educate clients on best practices, and more. The ideal candidate for this position is a creative thinker who goes the extra mile every time with excellent communication skills and at least 1 year of direct client/customer support experience. To learn more about a career at HungerRush, make sure to check out the details on Planted now. 

About Informed K12 

Informed K12 is on a mission to help school districts operate efficiently and gain insight into their most critical business processes. Still today, most school districts have hundreds of mission-critical processes that run on paper, making visibility and improvement near impossible. Their automated solutions power the future of school district operations — driving the systemic change needed to improve productivity, accountability, and equity.

About their position

Customer Support Specialist (Remote) — Apply Now  

As Informed K12 works to improve educational outcomes for K-12 teachers & students across the country, they're looking for a passionate and interpersonal Customer Support Specialist to join them remotely. In this position, you’ll have the opportunity to serve as the first line of support for all inbound customer requests, troubleshoot product & process related issues and drive them to resolution, support customers in configuring their processes, and more. The ideal candidate for this opportunity is a people-focused creative thinker with a passion for the mission and some experience working in customer support, K-12 school districts, or an early-stage startup. Click this link to check out the details & make sure to apply on Planted ASAP! 

About Mindbloom 

The mental health crisis (and the mental health treatment gap) is plaguing our country — Mindbloom is taking a new approach to do something about it. Because “legitimate” mental health treatments have failed for so long at actually helping people, Mindbloom guides clients through life-changing breakthroughs with the next-generation of science-backed treatments: psychedelic medicines. Starting with ketamine therapy for anxiety and depression, their product helps to improve client access, outcomes, and experience with mental healthcare. For their clients, Mindbloom isn’t a vitamin nor a painkiller. It’s a life-saver.

About their position

Recruiter (Remote in US or Canada) — Apply Now

As they work to implement their approach more widely and transform the mental wellbeing of thousands more clients, Mindbloom is looking for a people-oriented Recruiter to hop aboard and help them change lives. As a Recruiter at Mindbloom, you’ll have the opportunity to partner with leaders to design & implement new recruiting strategies, provide excellent candidate experiences, foster long-term relationships with third-party agencies & partners, and more. The ideal candidate for this opportunity is self-motivated and mission-driven with a great enthusiasm for mental healthcare and at least 1 year of experience in recruiting. Don’t wait — this opening won’t last long! Head over to Planted to apply now. 

About Morty 

Morty is on a mission to revolutionize the outdated mortgage industry by letting people shop, compare, and close any mortgage option from any lender, completely online. Purchasing a home is the largest, most important financial transaction of most people’s lives, so Morty believes getting a mortgage should be just as simple, modern, and transparent as buying anything else online. 

About their position

Lead Writer / Head of Editorial (Remote) — Apply Now 

As another new addition to the leadership on their growing Marketing team, Morty is on the lookout for a new Lead Writer / Head of Editorial to hop on board and head up all content efforts for their growing brand. In this position, you’ll have the opportunity to establish, roll out and manage editorial style guidelines, assess content needs across the business, set the strategy for ongoing maintenance and growth, and roll out tons of written content. The ideal candidate for this position at Morty has fantastic copywriting samples to showcase previous work, is excited to collaborate with stakeholders across the business, and has at least 5 years of experience as a copywriter, journalist, or content manager with previous startup experience, in-house, or agency experience as a plus! To learn more about a career move at Morty, head over to Planted and make sure to apply ASAP. 

About New York Shipping Exchange  

If you've ever wondered how your clothing, household goods, electronics, or furniture made their way to your stores & homes, there's a good chance they first arrived on a container ship. This massive industry is one we all rely on, but haven't given much thought to. Our partner NYSHEX (New York Shipping Exchange) is working to develop a brand-new concept that will transform this outdated industry with efficiency, reducing billions of dollars in economic waste.

About their position

Temporary Part-Time Recruiting Coordinator (Remote in EST) — Apply Now

As NYSHEX works to bring the container shipping industry into the year 2021, they’re looking to scale their team with the help of a Temporary Part-Time Recruiting Coordinator. In this position at NYSHEX, you’ll be given the opportunity to schedule interviews & debriefs across US time zones, provide updates to candidates, review applications for position requirements, build high-trust relationships with recruiters, and more. The ideal candidate for this position is highly organized and results-driven with strong prioritization skills, is familiar with Google Suite, Greenhouse, and Lever, and has at least 1 year of relevant recruiting experience. To learn more about the requirements & toss your hat in the ring, head over to Planted with this link now. 

About Policygenius 

Policygenius built the easiest way to compare and buy all types of insurance online, helping more than 5 million people find vital coverage for their families. They make buying insurance seamless and more transparent, finding customers the protection they need while helping them feel confident in their choices. 

About their position 

Sales Associate, Life Insurance (Remote) — Apply Now 

Policygenius is making big moves for their Life Insurance customers, and they're looking for a brand-new Sales Associate to jump onboard this team remotely and make a major impact. In this position, you'll have the opportunity to serve as the product expert when working directly with life insurance customers, working to onboard inbound customers and address any questions, all while providing a first-in-class customer experience. The ideal candidate for this opportunity is a demonstrated life insurance product expert with at least 2 years of experience working in Life Insurance sales with an active license. To learn more about this opportunity and take a chance towards your career at Policygenius, head over to Planted to apply with this link.

About Press Hook 

Press Hook is the first tech-powered PR platform that connects media to brands and publicists at a major scale. Their platform helps thousands of brands, publicists, and journalists connect with each other to facilitate newsworthy stories in a modern world. By streamlining and digitizing the processes of an antiquated industry, they’re redefining a stronger, more reliable news cycle when it comes to the brands they partner with. By partnering growing brands with top journalists, Press Hook is helping companies get the best out of earned media. 

About their position 

Business Development Manager (Remote) — Apply Now 

As Press Hook grows operations & works to connect thousands of up-and-coming brands with top press coverage, they’re looking for a new Business Development Manager to join their team remotely. In this position at Press Hook, you’ll have the opportunity to own inbound and outbound customer sales, working to identify, develop, and close sales opportunities while hitting revenue objectives and generating new leads. The ideal candidate for this position has strong consultative selling skills, a strong industry network in the CPG space, and a demonstrated ability to smash through new sales targets, consistently winning new deals. To learn more about the requirements and explore a career at Press Hook, head over to Planted now. 

If any of the top remote jobs we mentioned above pique your interest, be sure to hit the Apply Now links to apply! Each of these partners is reviewing new applicants right now, so don’t miss out. And if you didn’t fall in love with any of the opportunities mentioned above, don’t sweat it! We’re adding new opportunities to the platform all the time, so make sure to sign up to check out all of your potential job matches on Planted now.