You’ve probably read all sorts of articles on what significant tidbits you should add to your resume. They’re likely informative, but may still leave you wondering what you should leave off of your resume. There are all sorts of things you’ve done in your life–skills you’ve acquired, experiences you’ve experienced–but are they appropriate for a resume that will help you get you a real-life job?

Here’s a little list we put together on what’s best to omit from your resume if you want to be a serious contender.

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Height, weight & physical attributes.

You’re not applying to be a model or a waiter in California (or are you?).

Fifth grade accomplishments—or high school ones for that matter.

Once you’ve graduated college, limit what you include on your resume to post-high school and beyond. Unless you invented Post-it notes or Toaster Strudels in middle school (which we know you didn’t; see the next point for more on this.)


Just don’t do it. Don’t make things up, do not fabricate. It will come back to haunt you and it will bite you where you don’t want to be bitten.


Unless you’re Elle Woods.

Irrelevant information.

Your underwater basket-weaving course was probably super fun, but does it showcase your ability to work as a Social Media Manager? Be picky when it comes to choosing what to include.

e.e. cummings inspired formatting.

Always go for readability. While you may want to showcase your creativity, spiraling your words across the page will only cause confusion and may lead some reviewers to skip over it. Be mindful of spacing, making sure each line isn’t too densely packed so all your text looks like one big chunk. The only exception for funky formatting is for graphic designers.

References to references.

No need to mention that you have references available upon request. It would be weird if you didn’t. Sidenote: make sure you actually have the contact info for your references easily available and, more importantly, make sure you’ve double-checked that your references are positive references who still remember who you are.

A second, third or fourth page.

Be concise—brevity is the soul of wit.

And there you have it, folks. When composing your resume, please for the love of kittens use some tact. And always ask yourself, "Is this piece of information relevant to the job I’m applying for?" If you can confidently answer yes, you should be in good shape.

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