We help teachers find and effectively use educational clips from popular television shows and movies.

ClassHook helps teachers find and effectively use educational videos from popular TV shows and movies in their lessons. Teachers are always looking for new and creative strategies to engage their learners, and many of these strategies involve using video. However, they invest significantly more time than anticipated because their videos need to fit specific criteria, with age appropriateness and relevance being only two of the many criteria items. It's no wonder they can spend up to two hours just looking for a video for their next lesson.

Using ClassHook, teachers can find an age-appropriate and relevant video for their lesson in just a few minutes through our curated video library, which is organized by topic and grade level. We also offer profanity detection, short videos clipped to only the relevant segment, standards alignment, and discussion questions and tools so that educators can continue to foster active learning after the video is shown.

Thousands of teachers around the United States use ClassHook to increase student engagement and improve content retention. We're a small and nimble team on a mission to make education more exciting and relevant for students around the world.

Insider Tip: We work with our interns on their personal and career goals, so you'll have the opportunity to wear multiple hats.

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