Providing seamless integrations between financial software used by small business customers and global financial providers - all through a single API.

Codat provides the 'pipes' for the flow of financial data between large financial institutions and their own SMB clients. Connecting through a single API, Codat connects companies to accounting systems enabling access to real time, accurate and powerful financial data. This allows our clients to make informed decisions and build products around their own clients.

Founded in London in 2017 we have grown extremely quickly with 2020 being a standout year. Backed by Index Ventures, 2020 saw us achieve some impressive objectives, including doubling the team size, winning some big clients and opening up our office in New York.

Currently a team of 5 in New York the aim in 2021 is to massively expand this part of the business.
Therefore we now have exciting opportunities to be one of the first people in the team in New York, with a brilliant opportunity to lead the future growth of a start-up and help our success both in the UK and USA.

Insider Tip: We're working in a relatively untapped market and have all the set up for huge growth

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