Grow your Sales team with Planted.

Hire the best junior, non-tech talent. read more

Access our network of qualified young professionals.

We partner directly with top universities and entrepreneurship-focused organizations to build our network of the best junior, non-technical talent.

We have machines that find people, like a terminator, but for jobs.

Specify your target candidate profile.

Filter candidates by attributes like school, degree, work experience, and location to reach your target profile.

Review a curated shortlist of candidates.

No more sifting through hundreds of unqualified applicants. We carefully curate the pool of candidates and shortlist the ones who would best fit your needs.

It's a flexible person like your options with us are flexible.

Stay flexible with a range of hiring options.

We support a range of hiring options based on your needs. In addition to direct hire, we can also support flexible or seasonal team members.

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