(Remote) Business Development Representative



Confirm is building the *inclusive* credit bureau of employee performance.

About Confirm

Today, getting a job means weeks of phone screens, in-person interviews, and reference checks. 50 years ago, getting a loan worked the same way.

Credit bureaus fixed that. Today, your credit history exists in a single report. You can share it with any lender you want. Many people* get credit in seconds. (*Credit bureaus have also perpetuated bias in lending. This is an aspect of their social impact that we intend to correct.)

At Confirm, we’re building the credit bureau of employee performance. 

In a world where Confirm wins, bias in hiring has been reduced, job interviews have been eliminated, and your next offer letter might show up before you’ve even asked for it.

The Role 

We're looking for a business development representative to be the first trusted touchpoint for happy, future Confirm customers.

A successful BDR will...

  • Be a trusted advisor to many prospective customers
  • Partner with sales to turn prospects into customers
  • Help make our product better

What does a successful ramp-up look like?

After 30 days

  • Develop an understanding of our product and industry
  • Begin building customer personas and setting up tools and data sets to reach those customers

After 60 days

  • Drive metrics like call numbers and lead conversions
  • Autonomously own and manage your pipeline

After 90 days

  • Help to define, explicitly and by example, what it means to be an SDR at Confirm
  • Help to hire and train the next SDRs to join Confirm


  • ~80th percentile target compensation for the given role, market, and company stage (for both salary and stock options)
  • Stock options: standard 4-year vesting with 1 year cliff + monthly vesting
  • PLUS: early exercise (for early employees) AND 10 years post-termination exercise
  • High quality health, dental, vision, life, disability benefits
  • Unlimited paid sick leave (i.e. when you’re actually sick)
  • “Bring your whole self to work” policy (be yourself + have compassion for others)
  • “Unlimited vacation” is a trap; most don’t take them and when they leave they don’t get paid out on any unused, so we offer 4 weeks paid vacation and pay out any days unused when you leave.
  • 401(k) with matching (rare for start-ups at our stage)
  • Education credits for job-relevant education

"First and best"

We have a “First and Best” policy to minimize pay gaps, including the gender wage pay gap.

This policy prevents us from negotiating. That said, we would rather lose one candidate due to this policy than have a company in which those who negotiated more aggressively are paid more than those who do not.

To learn more about this role and Confirm, read our short slide deck: https://bit.ly/3wRIGBJ

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