Email Marketing Manager


New York, NY

Eaglemoss is the world's leading publisher and licensed collectible company.

About Eaglemoss

For over 40 years Eaglemoss has been a leader in manufacturing and marketing collectibles based on popular comics, TV shows, movies, and pop culture properties, including Marvel, DC Comics, Doctor Who, WWE, Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica and Orville.

Headquartered in UK, Eaglemoss operates in over 40 countries, have a turnover of £70 million a year, have more than 3.8 million followers through social channels and generate more than 1 million visits per month on our websites. Eaglemoss employs a team of 110 people with offices in London, New York, Moscow, Sao Paolo and Warsaw. For more details on the business, visit

As an Email Marketing Manager, you will be managing all aspects of the email channel including strategy development, email campaign planning, design, development, testing, deployment and reporting across both the subscription and e-commerce business units. Job responsibilities include the following:

  • Own email marketing from end to end: development, QA, deployment.
  • Design and update SMS marketing campaigns, Facebook messenger campaigns and onsite chatbot automated flows.
  • Lead planning, calendaring, timelines and prioritization for all promotional emails and SMS campaigns.
  • Grow the email list through email capture popups, sweepstakes, contests and partnerships.
  • Create and segment custom lists for email deployment using data from the Email Service Provider (ESP), the website, the database etc. 
  • Proofread emails for clarity, grammar and spelling.
  • Work closely with Global Head of CRM to manage and optimize automated emails including but not limited to abandoned cart, browse abandonment, back in stock, birthdays, anniversary, customer newsletters etc.
  • Create email templates and campaigns using graphics, personalization, and advanced features. Develop innovative ways of using site and backend data for new automated and triggered emails and messaging more generally.
  • Utilize email and SMS marketing more effectively to increase retention, maximize LTV, reactivate canceled subscribers and engage lapsed customers.
  • Leverage email and SMS marketing effectively to cross sell, upsell across categories, brands and communities.
  • Utilize email and SMS marketing to grow programs such as refer-a-friend, customer reviews and drive other engagement initiatives.
  • Develop A/B testing to optimize results: subject line, visuals, CTAs etc.
  • Work closely with the Creative team on email development submissions and best practices.
  • Track and analyze campaign performance on a weekly basis to produce analytical reports and ad-hoc reports: report on open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, conversions and sales revenue generated from email marketing efforts. Suggest improvements. 
  • Communicate insights gleaned from quantitative and qualitative data to key partners.
  • Leverage email best practices and findings to assist in email marketing and CRM strategy development, working cross-functionally across multiple channels and teams.
  • Support in managing and troubleshooting issues with feeds and integrations that send data back and forth between various entities and the ESP.
  • Actively monitor, analyze and reports on the business and marketplace / industry trends. Ensure emails follow industry policies and best practices.


  • University Degree is required, preferably in Marketing or relevant field
  • Proven work experience as an Email marketing manager or Digital marketing specialist (1-3 years) and past experience with email marketing, lead nurturing, marketing automation, and/or web analytics.
  • Expert knowledge of an ESP such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Klaviyo, Sales Force. Basic knowledge of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) is a plus.
  • Proficiency in HTML design and content management systems.
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator is a plus to work closely with internal designers.
  • Proficiency in marketing automation technology.
  • Experience developing and executing A/B tests to continually improve performance & drive value.
  • Analytics-focused, with experience translating data into business and consumer insights. Familiarity with analytical and database tools, strong knowledge of Excel and digital BI tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Impeccable written communication (spelling, grammar) and copywriting skills.
  • Constant attention to detail to ensure content is clear, relevant and engaging.
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills: some experience with project management tools such as Trello, Asana or is preferred.
  • Cross-functional team experience and ability to formulate and execute a strategy through consensus building, negotiation, and data-driven persuasion.
  • Display a positive attitude, professional manner and a willingness to be a team player and assist co-workers at all levels.
  • Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Interest in comics, science fiction, and pop culture is a plus.
  • Have a good sense of humor; work needs to be fun, after all!

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