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Chief of Staff (to Founder / CEO)

The H Hub


The H Hub connects 40,000 photographers to Food and Beverage brands.

The Hub is an exciting, fast moving startup that's disrupting how content is made. We are a network of 40,000 photographers, videographers and GIF makers across the country that works with thousands of brands a year – from startups to enterprise giants like Kellogg's and Campbell's.

Open letter from the Founder / CEO:


My name is James and I run two businesses:

The Hub (where hopefully YOU will work) and Balanced Breakfast (a venture fund) – the two work hand in hand. The Hub is a network of 40,000 photographers and we shoot for 1000's of Food and Beverage brands (and will expand to other industries in time) and Balanced Breakfast is a venture fund that invests in early stage Food and Beverage brands (mostly from the Hub).

I keep very, very busy. Ignoring the fund for a second, The Hub alone is a monster. It's a two sided marketplace (brands AND creators) and there is a lot of complexity to how the puzzle is put together.

At the Hub, we are five years in, very battle-hardened, and, I am proud to say, profitable (and have been for almost a year). We are growing steadily and have a thoughtful financial model (happy to show you at a later stage interview) that really, really excites me and the senior team. It's exciting because, like many startup models, it shows the Hub being valued at $250MM in 2025 (our 10th year in business) but way more exciting, it's a highly modular model where revenue drives expenditures (like hires). We don't add to our costs until we have the cash to do so. And so, whether we grow to the moon, or just modestly, we will never FAIL. We WILL win... the quantum is up for debate but the successful outcome (barring a lapse in judgement or fluke) is not. After 5 years, lots of twists and turns, and being in the red for 4 of the 5 years, this is my proudest achievement as an Entrepreneur so far.

I have a world-class Chief of Staff now. He has only been with me for 8 months but has taken the time to learn deeply how the company functions. It's not so much "hours per week" (though we both work hard) but earnestness, hunger, and an obsessive desire to put the (very complex) puzzle together.

Simon, my current Chief of Staff, is now running the most profitable part of our business, which is bringing in $30k of net revenue (profit) per month. This means he is no longer able to be my shadow across all the other areas of the business and why I am now searching for a new Chief of Staff to fill his shoes.

As we scale (and as I am pulled into other things, like our venture fund), I need a world-class, hungry Chief of Staff. I will hire someone with 10+ years of experience looking for an early-stage ride of a lifetime or I will hire someone who is 23 but is hungry and wants to give themselves fully to something.

One thing is not up for debate — I live and die by an entrepreneurial code. I believe deeply in what we are doing and feel that the company has afforded me and the entire team a profound opportunity to challenge ourselves, better ourselves, and better the world (we bring substantial amounts of paid work to hundreds of photographers a month).

The above is long, intense, and more detailed than any other job description you will read. That's because I want to weed out anyone who is just looking for an escape from a job they hate, looking for money, or looking for something to impress someone else.

This job is for someone who is ready to belong somewhere, ready to give a piece of themselves, and ready to buy in to something larger. If that's you, then please apply. If not, then don't... you are wasting your time.

If you bring the right attitude and there is an emotional fit between us... this will change your life. Really.

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