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Executive Assistant to CEO (Founder)

The H Hub


The H Hub connects 40,000 photographers to Food and Beverage brands.

The Hub is an exciting, fast moving startup that's disrupting how content is made. We are a network of 40,000 photographers, videographers and GIF makers across the country that works with thousands of brands a year – from startups to enterprise giants like Kellogg's and Campbell's.

Open letter from the CEO (founder):


My name is James and I run two businesses:

The Hub (where hopefully YOU will work) and Balanced Breakfast (a venture fund) – the two work hand in hand. The Hub is a network of 40,000 photographers and we shoot for 1000's of Food and Beverage brands (and will expand to other industries in time) and Balanced Breakfast is a venture fund that invests in early stage Food and Beverage brands (mostly from the Hub).

I keep very, very busy. Ignoring the fund for a second, The Hub alone is a monster. It's a two sided marketplace (brands AND creators) and there's a lot of complexity to how the puzzle is put together. I also consult for many of my clients to build goodwill and to keep my skills sharp.

I am usually booked from 6AM to 5PM and would love to bring in a rockstar Executive Assistant to help me stay organized and keep all the balls in the air. To start, I am looking for someone to help with the "obvious stuff" – booking meetings, keeping schedules tight, etc. But soon, if we click, I'd love for you to do more — responding to emails, making introductions or connections to the correct member of my team or my network, etc.

This job will require organization, of course, but also a love of people and that special "touch" (aka the ability to know what to say, to whom, and when).

If you want to work for a fast-paced, dynamic, and exciting company that's PROFITABLE and going places... The Hub is the place for you :)

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