Director of Customer Success (Philadelphia or Pittsburgh)

Hire an Esquire


Hire an Esquire is an established venture-backed, profitable, and quickly growing legal tech company.

Who we are: 

We’re an established, venture-backed, rapidly growing, and profitable legal tech company that grew significantly in 2020 despite COVID-19 and has experienced further growth acceleration to near triple-digits in 2021.  We are looking for the right person to lead our customer-success to help fulfill the unprecedented demand for our offering and help fulfill our amazing potential.. 

What You’ll Do: 

We’re looking for someone interested in a space that is currently having its technology renaissance, the legal tech space, and is ready to jump in and to lead our client-facing team through a period of rapid growth. In this role you will:

  • Learn, execute on, and refine our established customer success processes 
  • Manage and support our team of customer success managers
  • Expand our customer success team by helping with the hiring, training, and onboarding of additional customer success managers
  • Use the knowledge you gain of our customers, market, and current process to develop, implement and execute on strategies for continued scaling and growth
  • Jump in to get the job done and meet the company goals, using creative problem solving, team motivation, and elbow grease

Do You Have:

  • Drive and ambition? 
  • The ability to multi-task and manage a fast-moving environment while thinking strategically and abstractly?
  • Strong interpersonal and client-facing skills to work with sophisticated enterprise clients?
  • A track record of surviving and thriving in environments that involve finding innovative solutions to deliver under deadlines in a way that maintains and enhances client relationships such as consulting, hospitality, litigation, etc.?
  • A desire to experience first-hand how technology is transforming the future of work to create better outcomes for both freelancers and customers
  • Past experience in foodservice and hospitality?  (Not a hard requirement, but a plus - we appreciate the skills acquired in these industries, including empathy, multi-tasking, and EQ to handle a variety of time-sensitive customer situations!)

Why is this Unique?

We’ve taken a traditionally-manual sales and business and turned it into a highly automated platform where the majority of our customers are digitally acquired and self-served.

You will develop unique experiences and viewpoints of:

  • Automating a traditional professional service 
  • Scaling and building strategy for a customer success function in consumption-based models which are rapidly emerging as the post-SaaS monetization trend 
  • Product led growth / sales in the enterprise space 

Compensation: Salary and equity flexible commensurate with experience.

This job is currently remote (pandemic), but our preference is to hire someone in Pittsburgh, PA or Philadelphia, PA.

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