(Remote) Head of Content Marketing Business & Operations

B2B Tech Marketing Agency


We’re a small, well-established B2B tech marketing agency that is seeking an experienced content operations leader to take our content marketing business to the next level. This role is the ultimate ‘entrepreneur-in-residence’ role. Our content team is in place, but we need a leader to grow the team and take them to the next level. For this reason, we're not posting the name of the agency in our ad, but will openly discuss during the interview process.

What you get:

  • Management of a content division, measured by revenue, profit and customer-satisfaction KPIs, and fueled by a compensation plan that pays on growth and profit
  • A steady stream of existing content customers fed to you by our in-house agency teams
  • A chance to stretch your entrepreneurial legs – set the vision, chart the course, staff and motivate the team and content delivery partners, exceed everyone’s expectations
  • The ability to be part of a leadership team that is collaborative, supportive and open
  • A company where every employee’s professional and financial growth is a fundamental part of the management ethos
  • A stable, innovative and high energy agency environment with a healthy recurring revenue pipeline
  • Remote position that is highly engaged and connected with teams and clients in a well-supported virtual environment

What we want:

  • An experienced business leader who thrives on the challenge of realizing revenue growth potential, and can set the course for this division.
  • An agile, balanced division owner who proactively identifies, owns and resolves problems and issues. Along the way, is capable of rolling up their sleeves when needed -- without getting lost in the weeds
  • A head coach who can see the entire marketing content creation pipeline from end-to-end, separate the people, process and tools pieces of it, and optimize each one for top performance
  • A passionate fan of good B2B marketing content, with at least 7 years of tech marketing content creation under their belt. This person know the secrets behind crafting great B2B marketing content like blogs, datasheets, infographics and social copy
  • A collaborative, proactive communicator who knows how to delight internal and external customers, and can collaboratively work across internal teams to help the entire business move forward
  • A master of the people management, can build a high performing team from thin air and productively nurture growth and development along the way
  • A content visionary with a technologist’s soul. You know where the B2B business landscape is headed, and you’re driven to meet it there with powerful digital marketing content.

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