R2Net - James Allen

R2Net is a diamond bridal jewelry company with a technology soul.

R2Net was founded in 2007 by Oded Edelman, and is the product of over thirty years of experience in the diamond industry. What began as a modest trading network to help Edelman sell his diamonds competitively has steadily transformed into a robust e-commerce and supply chain platform that connects the entire span of the diamond industry’s ecosystem, including manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. R2Net owns and operates three distinct brands: James Allen, Segoma, and Brio Animation Studio.

Insider Tip: R2Net Inc, d.b.a. JamesAllen.com, is the only retailer to present each of its ring settings and more than 150,000 conflict-free diamonds – all hand-selected – in highly magnified 360° HD. In fact, its 360° Diamond Display Technology has caught the attention of diamond manufacturers worldwide, giving JamesAllen.com the first pick of the best gems anywhere. We see the stones first and choose only the best.

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