Roo is Uber-meets-Zocdoc-meets-Facebook in the pet healthcare sector!

Roo aims to disrupt the $44 billion animal service sector by providing an innovative technology platform and marketplace that connects quality doctors and professionals to veterinary hospitals, empowering these users in completely new ways.

The dynamic platform will enable real-time matching, rating, and communication channels between hospitals and medical professionals in a quick and efficient manner. It will also provide full transparency for hospitals and doctors, improving overall service while building a powerful community.

The pet healthcare / service sector is currently years behind the human healthcare sector in technological advancement, while in tandem has a rapidly growing pet owner base requiring increasing animal needs. Our aim is to combine experienced healthcare individuals with Silicon Valley talent to shake up this sector within 2-3 years with our platform.

We’ve officially launched, have proper early-stage funding secured, and already have further interest from investors. It’s a very promising industry and company to quickly prosper in!

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