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(Remote) Business Development Executive

The Writer


The Writer works with companies all over the world to get their words working harder. We help companies stand out from their competitors, improve how they deal with customers, shape their culture, and even make and save them cold, hard cash.

We’re looking for a business development executive to join our busy, remote team in the US.

What’s the job and the salary?

We’re looking for a permanent, full-time time business development executive. The salary will be $65,000, and you’ll report to our Account Director.

You’ll generate and develop new leads for The Writer US and help grow our reputation as a global leading brand language agency. You’ll understand our sales targets and focus on bringing in work from companies we’re already talking to, as well as shiny new ones. You’ll get to know and understand our clients and their problems, and how we can fix them. You’ll be able to prove how well we’re doing – and how valuable our work is to our clients. And you’ll support our client team with pitches and proposals, wow-ing our clients every step of the way.

Who are we?

We’re The Writer. We work with companies all over the world to get their words working harder.

In a nutshell, we do five big things: tone of voice, writing, training, content and naming.

What kind of person are we looking for?

Like all of us at The Writer, you’re eager to help the biggest brands in the world communicate more effectively and change the corporate world for the better.

You’ll uphold our values, which are to:

  • love language
  • care about quality
  • mind the numbers
  • feed curiosity
  • grow together

You’re a hunter. You can find your way around a big organization, spotting where the opportunities are, and who we need to know. You’re able to share ideas and contribute to crafting a plan, and work with the team to make it happen.

You’re detail oriented. You love to cross your t’s and dot your i’s. Whether it’s spotting a mistake in a deck just before a major pitch, or catching a missing link in an email campaign, nothing gets past you and your laser focus.

You know people. You know what could get a prospective client’s attention and what makes them tick. And whether it’s with the team internally or a senior client, you remain approachable, calm, and empathetic to others around you.

You’re curious. People say you ask good questions. And you spend just as much time listening for the answer. When you’re not sure about how to tackle something, you’re not shy about asking for help, or searching for the answers using the tools in your toolbox.

We’re growing fast

So we’ll need you to adapt quickly to new projects and clients as they come rushing in and help out when they inevitably change at the last minute.

What will you be doing?

  • You’ll work closely with our account team to help us convert new clients and opportunities to meet our quarterly financial targets
  • You’ll track, source, nurture and respond to leads within the Fortune 500 and Global 500
  • You’ll support our account-based marketing activity, working with the team to follow up on qualified leads
  • You’ll work across our account and global teams to spot and suggest new sales and marketing opportunities
  • You’ll manage all your leads, opportunities, and email campaigns on Salesforce
  • You’ll stay up to date with latest client and industry news and stay active on LinkedIn

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