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What Types of Startup Jobs Exist for Non-Techies?

Even if you’ve never coded a day in your life, there are still plenty of chances for you to grow your career at a startup. Don’t forget, there are two main types of startup employees — technical (software engineers, developers, designers, data scientists) and non-technical (sales associates, marketers, recruiters, and customer service associates). The assumption that you need to be a developer to get a job at a startup couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, when you crunch the numbers you realize there’s a crazy amount of startup jobs out there for non-coders. A recent study commissioned by Google, Citi, and NYTech Meetup, shows that 59% of the jobs in the New York City tech industry are non-technical in nature.

This is great news for job-seekers, but what types of startup jobs are actually out there for non-technical employees? Just like at any other business, tech is just a small piece of the puzzle. More than anything, startups need people to grow the business, keep the company afloat, and broadcast their messages across the world. No knowledge of Java or C++ required.

Thinking the startup life might be for you? Check out the different types of jobs startups offer and how each one impacts a company’s mission.

Sales Startup Jobs

Sales Startup Jobs

As a sales associate at a startup, you’re pretty much the hustler-in-chief. Each and every day your goal is to close deals and engage with dozens of potential customers, clients, or users. It’s a crazy important role because without sales associates closing deals, startups wouldn’t make any money! All good founders know how to sell, so if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, sales is a great fit.

Customer Service Startup Jobs

Customer Service Startup Jobs

As a customer service associate at a startup, happiness is your number one priority. You’ll help turn frowns upside down, troubleshoot customer problems, and represent the user perspective in meetings with the product team. Eventually you could even manage your own customer service team! Some customer service associates also transition into marketing, recruiting, and product management.

Office Manager at a Startup

Office Manager Startup Jobs

As a startup’s office manager, you’re at the operational frontline of the business. You’ll work as the startup’s organizational wunderkind, coordinating calendars, scheduling meetings, and serving as the liaison between all the different departments. Down the line, you could easily transition into a role as an operations lead or project manager.

Marketing in a Startup

Marketing Startup Jobs

As a marketer at a startup, it’s your job to build brand awareness, acquire users, and make sure your company becomes a household name. Every day will be a different challenge and you’ll be given ownership of campaigns from day one. Eventually you could grow your career as a marketing manager, growth hacker, or CMO.

Recruiting Startup Jobs

Recruiting Startup Jobs

As a recruiter at a startup, you’re directly responsible for maintaining your company’s culture and growing your team from the ground up. It’s your job to make sure the smartest, most qualified, and all around best candidates are getting hired as your co-workers. Starting off as a recruiter, you can eventually become the head of talent, work in people operations, or even transition to a job in business development.

As you can see, startups aren’t all about coding. Even if you’ve never programmed a day in your life, there are a ton of different non-technical positions for you to check out. Each type of startup job requires a unique personality and a special way of approaching problems. In order to assess which one’s the perfect fit for you, it’s important to think about how you can cultivate your strengths and where you can see yourself growing the most. All in all working at a startup will do more to accelerate your career than anything else out there — it’s a choice that’s bound to kick-drive the rest of your professional life.

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