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Operations Associate


New York, NY

Sally is a vehicle access provider for the rideshare economy.

As an Operations Associate, you’ll help us achieve our mission by supporting our customers 24/7. You will deal with all non-sales related customer tickets, including some of our most complex and stressful problems — non-performing customers and accident-event arbitration.

You will work directly with customers through high-stress interactions. We are looking for a candidate who can achieve the right balance of displaying empathy for our customers while being able to execute programmatic, rule-based mechanics of internal systems. An outstanding candidate will help design thoughtful systems and processes that represent our knowledge of customer and vehicle behavior. It is a challenging role, but critical to our success as a business.


  • Interact with our customers via inbound calls, messages, and emails to help handle non-sales related items.
  • Process transactions and reply to inquiries about our services.
  • Receive and organize customer questions, comments, and complaints.
  • Synthesize customer feedback and take appropriate action to ensure a gold standard of customer satisfaction.
  • Liaise with legal advisor for corresponding incidents.


  • 1+ years of customer support or other customer-facing experience.
  • You're a natural on the phone!
  • Enjoys working effectively with a diverse group of people.
  • Is relentlessly patient and willing to deal with customers at all times of the day.
  • Strong motivation for best-in-class service.

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